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Leak Detection

How are leaks developed?

A leak in a pool has such long list of potential causes it's hard to even list all the potential reasons. How your pool was made and when are important factors. Time and the regular wear can create leaks simply because an item is wearing out. Different pools are made to last differing lengths of time and necessitate repairs on unique timelines. Your use of the pool can also change this timeline because it effects the wear tear on it.

Why is leak detection important?

Leaks in your pool are important because they aren't leaving unless you fix them, and they cost you more money every second they are there. The longer you have a leak the bigger they tend to get and sometimes a simple repair can escalate to a more difficult kind. Consider a simple leak that is ignored and then what will occur. First there is the increase in utilities, damage to your landscaping, damage to your deck and damage to your neighbor's landscaping. There are several areas prone to leaks: the liner, the filter and the pump are three common ones.
If the leak is a simple one due for example, to your pump or plumbing then fixing it quickly enables you to keep your original equipment. Whereas if you wait the issue might get bad enough to require a total replacement of the pump or filter for the pool. Another point to consider is that your water bill will be higher than before because of the leak in the pool. Also, if you are selling your home then you will get more money for it and improve the chances of a sale if it is in excellent condition. With all types of leak detection equipment available it is getting easier and faster to detect even smaller leaks. It is pivotal to find and repair leaks not just to save money but also to keep from accidentally undermining the pool structure and creating instability or other similar problems.

How can leak detection can prolong a pool's life?

There are different types of pools and one of the most common problems is leaks in the pool liner or structure. The sooner the issue is caught and fixed the more likely that it will remain simple and not serious. Many small issues can compound and grow from a small part that needs replacing to a complete pump replacement being necessary.
The liner or pool structure can be very different from pool to pool. There is some damage that just cannot be repaired on a vinyl pool liner if it can escalate necessitating replacement. The difference between a simple patch repair and a complete replacement in cost is huge. There are many ways fiberglass pools can get leaks and preventing these things from happening or detecting them early can prolong the life of the pool. If you have a fiberglass pool, then cracks and leaks can occur in their plumbing because sand around the pool is settling oddly or is water soaked. If these pools are installed incorrectly then they can get cracks in their gel coating, which must be redone for them not to spread creating leaks. Also, a fiberglass pool must stay full to sustain the pressure from the earth it is inset into from creating bulges. In a concrete pool cracks must be fixed immediately, and early leak detection can completely change the severity of the needed repairs.

How can we help?

Water in Transit has been in the area for close to a decade and you can see our magnificent creations in our project portfolio. We are a are full service swimming pool contractor, so you can hire us for any type of pool repair and leak related issues. Use our experience to get answers to your questions, so you can make the right decision. Should I build a concrete pool? Should I replace my vinyl pool liner. My vinyl pool liner needs to be replaced soon, can you remove it and add a new deck? Ask away, we are happy to help! We will stop by, evaluate your issue and offer you a free consultation.
Leak detection and repair is not every contractor's cup of tea. It requires experience, expertise and the right diagnostic tools, which we possess. We can help you with all aspects of an issue such as design the addition, build the addition and still repair the current pool. We specialize in new pool construction and remodeling for commercial and residential clients. So, schedule a free consultation with us today and let us bring your designs to life. Check our portfolio to view our beautiful creations, which are a true demonstration of our skills, capabilities and experience.

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