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Pool Repair

Damaged Deck or Patio

Regardless of what surrounds your pool supposing you have Mediterranean tiling, stained concrete or a wooden deck all of them can be damaged in some manner. You want the deck or tiles around your pool to be safe and look neat and professional. Cracked wood or tiles and holes can be hazardous not to mention that they are not wonderful decor additions. If you have anyone active in your home, then it is particularly important to repair issues promptly lest these problems cause an injury. Having a beautiful setting for your pool is also another reason for prompt repairs.

Damaged Pool Liner

Each pool can use a different type of pool liner and need differing sorts of repairs. In ground pools typically have one of three types of pool composition or liners: fiberglass, a vinyl liner, or concrete composition, also called gunite. A fiberglass pool shell has no liner and is incredibly strong and durable. Thus, you can use them without concern during your everyday routines. However, even fiberglass can be chipped or cracked or even have its color fade. And if not carefully installed a bulge in the wall of the pool can develop. If there are any chips, scratches or cracks that need repair, the entire liner must be resurfaced. This is done with a refinishing gel coat that essentially needs to be painted onto the affected area as well as the rest of the pool. It might be a bit time consuming and require you to drain the pool, however it isn't typically expensive. Concrete is incredibly durable, but the pool finish does not last if the gelcoat surface of a fiberglass pool. Concrete can also become cracked or stained not to mention if it needs to be plaster repair. Repairing this necessitates draining the pool and resurfacing it. If the crack goes all the way to the gunite or concrete, the crack must be widened a bit and then filled in with caulking before being resurfaced as above. Vinyl liners may last between five to nine years before needing to be replaced. Vinyl can be scratched, torn or cracked, but can sometimes be easily patched. Most vinyl liners fail above the water line because the of the sun damage created when it shines down onto the water and reflects up against the exposed part of the liner. Chemical imbalances in the water can also cause failure if left untreated. If that occurs, then the liner must be replaced.

Pool Plumbing or Leaks

Often it takes time and many tests to even begin to know where a leak is or if there is one at all. The are many basic tests that can be done by everyone, but once those obvious things have been eliminated it becomes a more challenging issue. Pool plumbing underground is not the most likely cause for pool leaks, which is good because this can be a challenging issue. If the pipes are broken from tree roots, freeze damage or shifting soil they need to be repaired immediately. A pressure test to determine the location of the leak with specialized equipment is the usual starting point. Flex pipe or Flexible PVC pipe can be damaged by chlorine, and is not recommended for underground use. So, replacing underground flex PVC pipe with rigid PVC pipe is a common repair on 30-year-old pools. The real issue with underground pipes after tracing a leak is choosing your strategy to unearth the. For pools with a short pool deck apron, you may choose the option of tunneling under the deck, as opposed to cutting the deck and digging. The other option is to cut the pool deck with a concrete saw, bust up the deck, dig out the dirt and expose the leaking pipe or cracked pipe fitting.

Broken Pool Filter

A pool filter is essential, and some repairs are more like maintenance, whereas others truly necessitate a professional. But, truly it's a question of have the knowledge and skills to evaluate where the potential issue is sourced from. There are some typical challenges that might occur. For instance, if your filter did perform well, but now struggles then the pool filter medium such as DE grids or filter sand could need replacement. Usually sand lasts about five years, but regular cleaning is helpful regardless of your filter medium. Or you can try to rejuvenate the pool filter using a pool filter cleaner to remove junk and make it more efficient. For sand and DE filters, a type of valve is attached, to allow for backwashing moving water through. The valve directs water in the right direction, but if internal parts are damaged then this can malfunction not filtering all the water, which might show as lower filter pressure. Also, if your pool tends toward algae or high hardness water levels then it can make it harder to filter than fresh water.

Broken Pool Pump

A pool pump is an essential part of your pool and if it doesn't work the quality of the water will deteriorate. Understanding how your pump functions and what happens when a certain part is failing allows you as a homeowner to identify and fix the problem yourself. Or it enables an easy explanation of the issue to a pool technician, so they can fix your pump. Also, being educated about your pump prevents you from being pushed into buying unnecessary parts. Abnormal noises such as quiet, grinding, screeching or loud humming mean it is likely a motor issue. If you see wet cement on your pump pad it might be a bad gasket or shaft seal failing to keep the pump watertight. Each part must be checked, and some problems are more apparent than others. If after checking you are still uncertain then assistance is likely the best choice.

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